Below you will find a list of all the templates that are currently available in PatchCAD.

Please note: this list is constantly updated and new templates can be downloaded from within PatchCAD.

Make Model Type
Actassi VDIG150991001 Fiber
ADC PPE1232-MVJ-BK Video
ADC PPA1-26-L204 GPO / B Gauge
ADC PPA1-L204 GPO / B Gauge
ADC PJ-739 Bantam
ADC BJF407-4MKII Bantam
Argosy BS-00-3116 Video
Argosy BS-00-3216 Video
Argosy BS-00-3120 Video
Argosy BS-00-3220 Video
Argosy BS-00-3124 Video
Argosy BS-00-3224 Video
Argosy BS-00-9124 Video
Argosy BP-00-001 Video
Argosy BP-00-002 Video
Argosy BP-13-0224 Video
Argosy DL-00-044 GPO / B Gauge
Argosy HG-00-0114 Other
Argosy HG-00-2014 Other
Argosy HG-00-0013 Other
Argosy HG-00-9214 Other
Audio Accessories MINI 48E-12A Bantam
Audio Accessories MINI 52-12A Bantam
Audio Accessories MAXI 312A Jack
Audio Accessories MAXI 112A Bantam
Audio Accessories MAXI 612A Jack
Audio Accessories SKINI 32-12A Bantam
Audio Accessories MINI QCP 2x24x2RU Bantam
Audio Accessories MINI QCP 2x24x1RU Bantam
Audio Accessories MINI EDAC 1RU Bantam
Audio Accessories MINI EDAC 1.5RU Bantam
Audio Accessories MINI EDAC 2RU Bantam
Audio Accessories Long-Frame QCP 2x24 Jack
Audio Accessories Long-Frame QCP 2x26 Jack
Audio Accessories SKINI QCP 2x32 Jack
Audio Accessories WDBP-9615-SH Bantam
Audio Accessories WDBP-242-SH Jack
Audio Accessories MINI 3-Pin 1RU Bantam
Audio Accessories MINI 3-Pin 2RU Bantam
Audio Accessories Long-Frame 3-Pin 2x24 1RU Jack
Audio Accessories Long-Frame 3-Pin 2x24 2RU Jack
Audio Accessories Long-Frame 3-Pin 2x26 2RU Jack
Audio Accessories Long-Frame 3-Pin 2x26 1RU Jack
Audio Accessories MAXI EDAC 2x24 1RU Jack
Audio Accessories MAXI EDAC 2x24 2RU Jack
Audio Accessories SKINI EDAC 2x32 1RU Jack
Audio Accessories SKINI EDAC 2x32 2RU Jack
Audio Accessories MINI 50-Pin AMP 1RU Bantam
Audio Accessories MINI 50-Pin AMP 2RU Bantam
Audio Accessories BNC-32 Video
Audio Accessories WEP-96E-SH Bantam
Audio Accessories WEP-9615SP-SH Bantam
Audio Accessories 32MV1.5 Video
AVP AV-K248E1 Video
AVP AV-K248E15 Video
AVP AV/TV-D132E1 Video
AVP AV/TV-D224E1 Video
AVP AV/TV-D232E1 Video
AVP AV/TV-D232E15 Video
AVP AV/TV-D232E2 Video
AVP AV-D332E2 Video
AVP AV/TV-D632E4 Video
AVP AV/TV-D234E1 Video
AVP AV/TV-D234E15 Video
AVP AV/TV-D234E2 Video
AVP AV-D236E15 Video
AVP PV-D232E15 Video
AVP AV/TV-C224E1 Video
AVP AV/TV-C224E15 Video
AVP AV/TV-C224E2 Video
AVP AV/TV-C226E1 Video
AVP AV/TV-C226E15 Video
AVP AV/TV-C226E2 Video
AVP AV/TV-C228E1 Video
AVP AV/TV-C228E15 Video
AVP AV/TV-C228E2 Video
AVP TP-B148E1 Bantam
AVP AP/TP-B248E1 Bantam
AVP AP/TP-B248E15 Bantam
AVP AP-B148E1 Bantam
AVP AP/TP-B248E2 Bantam
AVP AU/TU-B248E1 Bantam
AVP AU/TU-B248E15 Bantam
AVP AU/TU-B248E2 Bantam
AVP AP/TP-A224E2 Jack
AVP AP/TP-A226E15 Jack
AVP AP/TP-A226E2 Jack
AVP AU/TU-A224E1 Jack
AVP AU/TU-A224E15 Jack
AVP AU/TU-A224E2 Jack
AVP AU/TU-A226E1 Jack
AVP AU/TU-A226E15 Jack
AVP AU/TU-A226E2 Jack
AVP AU/TU-A228E1 Jack
AVP AU/TU-A228E15 Jack
AVP AU/TU-A228E2 Jack
AVP AM-B232E2 Bantam
AVP AM/TM-B248E1 Bantam
AVP AM/TM-B248E2 Bantam
AVP AM/TM-A224E1 Jack
AVP AM/TM-A224E15 Jack
AVP AM/TM-A224E2 Jack
AVP AM/TM-A226E1 Jack
AVP AM/TM-A226E15 Jack
AVP AM/TM-A226E2 Jack
AVP AM/TM-A228E1 Jack
AVP AM/TM-A228E15 Jack
AVP AM/TM-A228E2 Jack
AVP AM/TM-B248E1 Bantam
AVP TR-B248E2 Bantam
AVP AR/TR-B248E1.5 Bantam
AVP AR/TR-A224E15 Jack
AVP AR/TR-A226E1 Jack
AVP AR/TR-A226E15 Jack
AVP AR/TR-A226E2 Jack
AVP AR/TR-A228E1 Jack
AVP AJ/TJ-B248E1 Bantam
AVP AJ/TJ-B248E15 Bantam
AVP AJ/TJ-B248E2 Bantam
AVP AJ/TJ-A224E1 Jack
AVP AJ/TJ-A224E15 Jack
AVP AJ/TJ-A224E2 Jack
AVP AJ/TJ-A226E1 Jack
AVP AJ/TJ-A226E15 Jack
AVP AJ/TJ-A226E2 Jack
AVP AJ/TJ-A228E1 Jack
AVP AJ/TJ-A228E15 Jack
AVP AJ/TJ-A228E2 Jack
AVP JR-16/N Data
AVP JR-32/N Data
AVP JR-48/N Data
AVP WK-F116E1 Video
AVP WK-F216E2 Video
AVP WK-F220E2 Video
AVP WK-F124E1 Video
AVP WK-F224E2 Video
AVP WK-F220E2-N40 Video
AVP WK-F320E2 Video
AVP WK-G116E1 Video
AVP WK-N116E1 Termination Panel
AVP WK-N216E2 Termination Panel
AVP WKM-U116E1 Termination Panel
AVP WKM-U116E15 Termination Panel
AVP WKM-U216E2 Termination Panel
AVP WKM-U216E3 Termination Panel
AVP WK-U112E1 Termination Panel
AVP WK-U212E2 Termination Panel
AVP WK-U212E3 Termination Panel
AVP WK-U116E1 Termination Panel
AVP WK-U216E2 Termination Panel
AVP WK-U216E3 Termination Panel
Behringer PX3000 Jack
Behringer PX1000 Jack
BES AFJ1220 GPO / B Gauge
BES AFJ1224 GPO / B Gauge
BES AFJ1226 GPO / B Gauge
BES AFJ2220 GPO / B Gauge
BES AFJ2224 GPO / B Gauge
BES AFJ2226 GPO / B Gauge
BES VJF1220HD Video
BES VJF1224HD Video
BES VJF1226HD Video
BES VJF1232HD Video
BES VJF3424HD Video
BES VJF1220HDM Video
BES VJF1224HDM Video
BES VJF1226HDM Video
BES VJF2220HDM Video
BES VJF2224HDM Video
BES VJF2226HDM Video
BES VJF1220UHD Video
BES VJF1224UHD Video
BES VJF1226UHD Video
BES VJF1232UHD Video
BES VJF3424UHD Video
BES MDU14-C-M-001 Other
BES MDU14-C-N-001 Other
BES MDU14F10 Other
BES MDU14F16 Other
BES MDU14-N-S-001 Other
BES MDU14-C-N-002 Other
BES MDU14-C-M-002 Other
BES AFJ-02 GPO / B Gauge
BES AFJ-01 GPO / B Gauge
BES AFJ-03 GPO / B Gauge
BES AFJ-04 GPO / B Gauge
BES AFJ-08 GPO / B Gauge
BES AFJ-17 GPO / B Gauge
BES AFJ-21 GPO / B Gauge
BES VFJ-22 GPO / B Gauge
BES VFJ-61 GPO / B Gauge
BES VFJ-71 GPO / B Gauge
BES VFJ-21 GPO / B Gauge
BES VFJ-64 GPO / B Gauge
BES VFJ-74 GPO / B Gauge
BES VFJ-79 GPO / B Gauge
BES VFJ-67 GPO / B Gauge
BES VFJ-69 GPO / B Gauge
BES VFJ-77 GPO / B Gauge
BES DPP-02 Data
BES DPP-03 Data
BES BJF-02 Bantam
BES BJF-07 Bantam
BES BJF-04 Bantam
BES MDU-14 Other
BES MDU-15 Other
Bittree B32S-1MWTHD Video
Bittree G32S-1MWTHD Video
Bittree B64S-2MWTHD Video
Bittree G64S-2MWTHD Video
Bittree B64H-2MWTHD Video
Bittree G64H-2MWTHD Video
Bittree B64T-2MWTHD Video
Bittree G64T-2MWTHD Video
Bittree B96T-2MWTHD Bantam
Bittree G96T-2MWTHD Bantam
Bittree B24S-1WTHD Bantam
Bittree G24S-1WTHD Bantam
Bittree B26S-1WTHD Video
Bittree G26S-1WTHD Video
Bittree B28S-1WTHD Video
Bittree G28S-1WTHD Video
Bittree B48S-2WTHD Video
Bittree G48S-2WTHD Video
Bittree B48H-2WTHD Video
Bittree G48H-2WTHD Video
Bittree B48T-2WTHD Video
Bittree G48T-2WTHD Video
Bittree B52S-2WTHD Video
Bittree G52S-2WTHD Video
Bittree G52S-2WTHD Video
Bittree B52S-2WTHD Video
Bittree B56T-2WTHD Video
Bittree G56T-2WTHD Video
Bittree EB48T-2WTHD Video
Bittree B96DC-FNABH Bantam
Bittree B96DC-FNABT Bantam
Bittree B96DC-FNSST Bantam
Bittree B96DC-NNSSH Bantam
Bittree B96DC-FNIBS Bantam
Bittree B96DC-FNRSS Bantam
Bittree B48DC-FNPBH Jack
Bittree B48DC-FNPBT Jack
Bittree B48DC-FNIBS Jack
Bittree B96DC-FNIBS Bantam
Bittree B96DC-FNLBT Bantam
Bryant JPHD 232A Jack
Bryant JPHD 232B Jack
Bryant BPP 220A GPO / B Gauge
Bryant BPP 224A GPO / B Gauge
Bryant BPP 226B GPO / B Gauge
Bryant BPP 224B GPO / B Gauge
Canare 24DV-2U Video
Canford 45-3300 Termination Panel
Canford 45-3304 Termination Panel
Canford 48-4318 Video
Canford 48-4323 Video
Canford 48-4319 Video
Canford 48-4320 Video
Canford 48-4324 Video
Canford 48-4321 Video
Canford 48-4381 Video
Canford 48-4382 Video
Canford 48-4383 Video
Canford 48-4348 Video
Canford 48-4352 (Half) Video
Canford 48-4349 Video
Canford 48-4353 Video
Canford 48-4378 Video
Canford 48-4379 Video
Canford 45-3281 Bantam
Canford 45-3282 Bantam
Canford 45-3283 Bantam
Canford 45-3284 Bantam
Canford 45-3404 Data
Canford 45-3410 Data
Canford 46-551 Data
Canford 46-552 Data
Canford 46-554 Data
Canford 46-555 Data
Canford 46-561 Data
Canford 46-562 Data
Canford 46-564 Data
Canford 46-565 Data
Canford 46-541 Data
Canford 46-542 Data
Canford 46-544 Data
Canford 46-545 Data
Canford 45-3448 Data
Canford 45-3449 Data
Canford 45-3444 Data
Canford 45-3445 Data
CM Labs Sixty Four Other
Commscope FlexiMAX Data
Commscope PM-GS3-24 Data
Commscope PM-GS3-48 Data
Commscope PM-GS3-DM Data
Commscope 360-PM-GS3-2U Data
Commscope 360-PM-GS6-2U-24 Data
Commscope 360-PM-GS3-DM Data
Commscope 360-PM-GS6-DM6 Data
Commscope 360-PM-GS3-2U-48P Data
Commscope 360-PM-GS3-DM-12P Data
Commscope 360-PM-GS6-2U-48 Data
Commscope 360-IPR-MFTP-E-HD6B-1U-24 Data
Commscope 360-IPR-1100-GS3-DM6 Data
Commscope 360-IPR-1100-GS6-DM6 Data
Commscope 360-IPR-MFTPA-E-HD6B-1U-24 Data
Commscope 360-IPR-1100A-E-GS3-1U-24 Data
Commscope 360-IPR-1100A-E-GS6-1U-24 Data
Commscope 360-IPR-MFTP-E-HD6B-2U-48 Data
Commscope 360-IPR-MFTPA-E-HD6B-2U-48 Data
Commscope 360-IPR-1100A-E-GS3-2U-48 Data
Commscope 360-IPR-1100A-E-GS6-2U-48 Data
Commscope 360-IPR-1100-E-GS3-1U-24 Data
Commscope 360-IPR-1100-E-GS3-2U-48 Data
Commscope 360-IPR-1100-E-GS6-1U-24 Data
Commscope 360-IPR-1100-E-GS6-2U-48 Data
Commscope IPQ-IPR-1U-24P Data
Commscope IPQ-1U-48P Data
Commscope 1100-U-GS3-24 Data
Commscope 1100-U-GS3-48 Data
Commscope 1100A-U-GS3-24 Data
Commscope 1100A-U-GS3-48 Data
Commscope 1100-U-GS6-24 Data
Commscope 1100-U-GS6-48 Data
Commscope 1100A-U-GS6-24 Data
Commscope 1100A-U-GS6-48 Data
Commscope 1100-U-GS3-DM6 Data
Commscope 1100-U-GS6-DM6 Data
Commscope UNP-U-10G-1U-24 Data
Commscope UNP-U-10G-2U-48 Data
Commscope UNPA-U-10G-1U-24 Data
Commscope UNPA-U-10G-2U-48 Data
Commscope HFTP-HD6B-1U-24 Data
Commscope HFTP-HD6B-2U-48 Data
Commscope HFTPA-HD6B-1U-24 Data
Commscope HFTPA-HD6B-2U-48 Data
Commscope UNP610-24P Data
Commscope UNP610-48P Data
Commscope UNP610-ANG-24P Data
Commscope UNP610-ANG-48P Data
Commscope M3200 Data
Commscope M3000-24 Data
Commscope M2100-48 Data
Commscope M2100-24 Data
Commscope M4800-1U-GS Data
Commscope M4800-1U-PS Data
Commscope M4800A-1U-PS Data
Commscope M4800A-1U-GS Data
Commscope MOD-V-24P Data
Commscope MOD-V-48P Data
Commscope CS-MOD-1U-36P-FLAT Data
Commscope CS-MOD-2U-72P-FLAT Data
Commscope CS-MOD-1U-36P-ANG Data
Commscope CS-MOD-2U-72P-ANG Data
Commscope M2400-1U-PS Data
Commscope M2400-1U-GS Data
Commscope M2400A-1U-PS Data
Commscope M2400A-1U-GS Data
Commscope CPP-5E-DM-1U-24 Data
Commscope CPP-5E-DM-2U-48 Data
Commscope CPPA-5E-DM-1U-24 Data
Commscope CPPA-5E-DM-2U-48 Data
Commscope 360-E-MOD-1U-24 Data
Commscope 360-E-MOD-2U-48 Data
Commscope 360-E-ANG-MOD-1U-24 Data
Commscope 360-E-ANG-MOD-2U-48 Data
Commscope M2000-1U Data
Commscope M2000-2U Data
Commscope M2000A-1U Data
Commscope M2000A-2U Data
Commscope VP360-32PR-WB Data
Commscope VP360-4U-32P Data
Commscope 110AB CAT5PSJP 12B Data
Commscope IPQ-Module-4P-6A Data
dbx PB48 Jack
Ghielmetti USF 1x32 AV (Full) Other
Ghielmetti ASF 2x32 (Full) Other
Ghielmetti ASF 1x32 (Full) Other
Ghielmetti DSF 1x16 AV (Full) Other
Ghielmetti GVP 1x20 AV Video
Ghielmetti GVP 2x20 AV Video
Ghielmetti GVP 1x24 AV Video
Ghielmetti GVP 2x24 AV Video
Ghielmetti GVP 1x32 A AV Light Video
Ghielmetti GVP 2x32 A Light Video
Ghielmetti CSF 2x48 A 3/1 LA M Other
Ghielmetti ASF 1x32 A Other
Ghielmetti USF 1x32 AV Other
Ghielmetti DSF 1x16 AV Data
Ghielmetti GVP 1x32 AV Video
Ghielmetti CSF 2x48 A Light Other
Hosa PDR-369 Termination Panel
Mosses & Mitchell JFM231E Bantam
Mosses & Mitchell JFM232 Bantam
Mosses & Mitchell JAF00202 Bantam
Mosses & Mitchell JAF00202P Bantam
Mosses & Mitchell JAF01801 Bantam
Mosses & Mitchell JAF00303SV Bantam
Mosses & Mitchell JAF00303BK Bantam
Mosses & Mitchell DVMM0124B Video
Mosses & Mitchell DVMM0124G Video
Mosses & Mitchell DVMM0132B Video
Mosses & Mitchell DVMM0132G Video
Mosses & Mitchell JFM231S Bantam
Mosses & Mitchell JFP BDM56B Bantam
Mosses & Mitchell JFP BDM56S Bantam
Mosses & Mitchell JFP BCM25B Bantam
Mosses & Mitchell JFP BCM25S Bantam
Mosses & Mitchell JFP BDS56B Bantam
Mosses & Mitchell JFP BDS56S Bantam
Mosses & Mitchell JFM231E35 Bantam
Mosses & Mitchell JFM231S35 Bantam
Mosses & Mitchell JFHD 220A GPO / B Gauge
Mosses & Mitchell JFHD 220B GPO / B Gauge
Mosses & Mitchell JFHD 224A GPO / B Gauge
Mosses & Mitchell JFHD 224B GPO / B Gauge
Mosses & Mitchell JFHD 226A GPO / B Gauge
Mosses & Mitchell JFHD 226B GPO / B Gauge
Neutrik NZP1RU-12 Termination Panel
Neutrik XPM-96SS Bantam
Neutrik LF48-1A GPO / B Gauge
Neutrik LF48-1D GPO / B Gauge
Neutrik LF48-1O GPO / B Gauge
Neutrik LF48-1S GPO / B Gauge
Neutrik NYS-SPP-L1 Jack
Neutrik NPPA-TT-PT Bantam
Neutrik NPP-TB GPO / B Gauge
Neutrik XPM-96SO Bantam
Neutrik MA96-1O Bantam
Neutrik MA96-1S Bantam
Neutrik MA96-1A Bantam
Neutrik MA96-1D Bantam
Neve MR 20 90B GPO / B Gauge
Penn-Elcom R1269ID/1UK/16 Termination Panel
Penn-Elcom R1269ID/2UK/32 Termination Panel
Rean RB J248BB Bantam
Rean RB J248BC Bantam
Redco R196-D25PG (Stereo) Bantam
Redco R196-D25PG Bantam
Samson S-Patch Plus Jack
Seamount FP962.5 Bantam
Seamount FP962S Bantam
Seamount AHL96I3C2C Bantam
Signex CPT96 Bantam
Signex PST96 Bantam
Signex CPJ48 Bantam
Signex CPM22 MIDI
Signex CPX16 Termination Panel
Signex CPU16 Termination Panel
Soundcraft Sapphyre Bantam
Soundcraft Sapphyre / 12 Bantam
Switchcraft QGPK1B Termination Panel
Switchcraft 9625 Bantam
Switchcraft 1625 Bantam
Switchcraft JPO12S34B Jack
Switchcraft JPO12S34C Jack
Switchcraft JPO12S34D Jack
Switchcraft JPO72S34B Jack
Switchcraft JPO72S34C Jack
Switchcraft JPO72S34D Jack
Switchcraft TTD1634B Bantam
Switchcraft PT16FX2DB25 Termination Panel
Tascam PB-664 Bantam
Telephone Exchange

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