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Sadly, not at the moment – at least not natively. You can use a Virtual Machine like Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion or the free Oracle Virtual Box to run Microsoft Windows inside OS X; or you can use Apple’s Bootcamp to run Windows natively on an Intel-Mac. This works absolutely fine, just like using a PC.

From experience of building patchbay systems for clients, I strongly recommend printing on 100 gram or heavier paper so that the strip is strong enough to withstand being pushed or pulled through the designation strip and has the best longevity. Also, colour looks better defined and more vivid on heavier paper as it absorbs more ink.

PatchCAD supports all printers! As long as it is installed and working under Microsoft Windows, PatchCAD will work out how to display your patchbay on the page and print it – even if it’s an envelope size page!

Licensing and Activation

You can install PatchCAD on 3 concurrent computers (machines). When PatchCAD is installed on a new computer (or Virtual Machine), you will be prompted to enter your license key for activation. If you would like to authorise another computer, simply log in to your account, navigate to Manage Activations and remove one of the existing activations.

PatchCAD’s licensing system works by hashing together several key components of your computer (like the CPU’s serial number, motherboard’s serial number, etc.) into one long number that cannot be reversed into the source components that make it up. This long number is commonly called Machine ID. If one of the hardware components that are used to make up the Machine ID is changed, the Machine ID will no longer match the previous value so the software will think that this is a new installation of PatchCAD and will prompt for a new activation.

Simply log in to your account, navigate to Manage Activations and remove the existing activation for this computer. This way you will not lose any extra activations of the 3 allowed concurrent activations.

Note about Virtual Machine: When a virtual machine software like Parallels Desktop is updated, it emulates a new virtual serial number for some of the components used to generate a Machine ID. It is most likely you will be asked to activate PatchCAD when your virtual machine is updated. This is normal behaviour.

When launching PatchCAD for the first time, you will be prompted for the activation key. You will need to be connected to the Internet to activate your copy of PatchCAD. After the software is activated, you no longer need to be online to use it.

The activation key will be given when you complete the order on the website. It will also be emailed to you at the same time. If you haven’t received this email or lost it, you can always log in to your account and navigate to the Orders page to see all your activation keys.

PatchCAD Activation Window

Simply copy and paste the activation key into the prompted window and give your computer a meaningful name. You can use this name to recognise the activation in the Manage Activations page in your account. You are allows 3 concurrent activations. If you no longer use one of the computers you have activated, you can simply deactivate it and activate a different machine.


Once you’ve created a custom patchbay, you can save it as a template in the Add Patchbay window. Once added to the templates list, you can click Share Template to upload the design to our server for approval. The design will be reviewed and added to the next update.

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