Manufacturing broadcast patchbays since 1982, BES is a well known British brand. Their patchbays and mains distribution units are widely used in both broadcast and audio industries all over Europe.

As part of a continuing effort to add more and more templates to the PatchCAD database, we are pleased to add BES patchbays to the already comprehensive list of templates that comes included with PatchCAD.

As always, the update is FREE to all customers. Simply launch PatchCAD and you will be prompted that an update is available. PatchCAD will download it for you and the new additions will appear in the Templates Manager list. The list of models includes:

Make Model Type
BES AFJ1220 GPO / B Gauge
BES AFJ1224 GPO / B Gauge
BES AFJ1226 GPO / B Gauge
BES AFJ2220 GPO / B Gauge
BES AFJ2224 GPO / B Gauge
BES AFJ2226 GPO / B Gauge
BES VJF1220HD Video
BES VJF1224HD Video
BES VJF1226HD Video
BES VJF1232HD Video
BES VJF3424HD Video
BES VJF1220HDM Video
BES VJF1224HDM Video
BES VJF1226HDM Video
BES VJF2220HDM Video
BES VJF2224HDM Video
BES VJF2226HDM Video
BES VJF1220UHD Video
BES VJF1224UHD Video
BES VJF1226UHD Video
BES VJF1232UHD Video
BES VJF3424UHD Video
BES MDU14-C-M-001 Other
BES MDU14-C-N-001 Other
BES MDU14F10 Other
BES MDU14F16 Other
BES MDU14-N-S-001 Other
BES MDU14-C-N-002 Other
BES MDU14-C-M-002 Other

For more information, please check out their website