In a continuing effort to improve and deliver a more powerful tool and a more efficient and streamline user experience, we are proud to announce the immediate release of the next major version of PatchCAD which is now available as two versions – PatchCAD and PatchCAD Pro!

Launched just over 18 months ago, PatchCAD has become the industry’s leading tool for designing and labelling patchbays, termination and patch panels. Although still a young product, PatchCAD has already been adopted by private individuals, artists, producers, studio owners and the biggest professional organisations around the world. PatchCAD is used by the most established household names in the recording studio, installation, broadcast, communications and media sectors.

Featuring an intuitive user interface, PatchCAD enables powerful fast design and labelling of patchbays. No measuring required due to  the included and constantly updating 1,800+ strong collection of templates for industry standard audio and video patchbays, termination panels, Ethernet and fibre optic patchbays. The smart algorithm allows printing on any connected printer and and kind of paper size hassle free.

Always evolving, PatchCAD users receive regular free updates. At the heart of PatchCAD and PatchCAD Pro is a collection of templates like no other. From the very beginning, we have been growing this massive database of templates which are available for free to all users. From the simplest panel to complicated patchbays, from the common to the very rare, this is the most comprehensive body of work of this kind assembled. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, from the very beginning, we have been speaking to users, collating ideas, and constantly improving features and workflow.

Why two versions?

Having worked closely with our users, we are aware that not everybody requires all the powerful editing features that PatchCAD has to offer. Furthermore, it would not be fair to ask you to pay for parts of the software you don’t necessarily use. The new functionality took time to develop. However, rather than make everybody pay more for a richer version, the functionality of PatchCAD has been logically divided. A Standard version which includes the features that a semi-professional user would require for occasional labelling of their patchbay or termination panel; and a Pro version with addition tools that a professional would need to do their day-to-day work more efficiently.

PatchCAD Pro empowers professional users with tools that improve workflow beyond the labelling of a designation strip. With new collaborative features like annotations and note making, sockets configuration; additional styling options, images and more, your work will never be the same.

Existing users of the standard version will enjoy the new improvements of the standard PatchCAD for free. And should their work require it, users can also upgrade to the Pro version at any time via the Manage Activation section of My Account.

Key PatchCAD features include:

  • Powerful editing tools.
  • Accurate real-time patchbay preview.
  • Precision printing of any printer or paper.
  • Create custom templates.
  • Export as image, to Excel or as PDF.
  • Perpetual free updates of templates.
  • Perpetual software updates.
  • Comprehensive templates list.
  • 3 Concurrent activations.
  • PRO Sockets configuration, design and previews for termination panels.
  • PRO Add notes above and below the patchbay.
  • PRO Change border style and thickness.
  • PRO Add images to patchbay cells.

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