Many thanks to Nick Batt and the team at Sonic State for the kind feature of PatchCAD on the news feed but also the wonderful mention on the Sonic TALK podcast!

“We’ve all been there, trying to create neat labels for a patchbay, you can never quite get the spacing right, cutting the label to the right size is fiddly. All a bit of a faff.”

We couldn’t agree more! This is exactly why PatchCAD was created. Whether you have a small setup or it’s the heart of your daily work, PatchCAD is designed to help and make the process of designing and labelling a patchbay is simple as possible with efficient workflow and no nonsense user interface.

“PatchCAD solves that problem, with a template driven approach, its a bit like using a simple spreadsheet, with font size, style and colour options you can create your own custom patchbay labels. With loads of templates covering TT (bantam type), XLR, Jacks, BNC spacings and more, you should be able to find the template to suit your needs, or create your own.”

For over two decades, the Sonic State network of websites has been delivering news, reviews and priceless content about synthesisers, electronic music and the studio world in general – by musicians, for musicians. We are proud to be mentioned by this fantastic group of people.

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