First of all, thank you!

To all of you wonderful people who joined the mailing list to be notified when PatchCAD will be launched, I’d like to say thank you and welcome! Your support is very much appreciated and is the driving force behind the development of this software. I’d like to take a moment to tell you where we are.

PatchCAD - Toolbar
Based of feedback from generous beta testers, we’ve been adding features like export to Excel, import from other saved patchbay systems, support for imperial and metric systems, and improving existing functionality for a more pleasant and productive experience.
PatchCAD - Preset Patchbays

We’ve been growing the database of patchbays. Manufacturers like Signex and Neutrik have been very helpful and generous with information about their products. This is a very manual and longrwinding job but it is part of what PatchCAD is about.

We would like to fill this list with every patchbay, patch panel, termination panel and designation strip known to man (!!!) but we also know that some of these products have long been discontinued despite their faithful service in many installations. This is why we’ve added support for sharing of your custom designs with others. Simply create a new layout, save it as a template and click Share Template. Submissions will be reviewed and added to the pool for everyone to use.

Behind The Scenes

The website is being developed to efficiently process orders, serve licenses and allow you to manage activations – more on that later!


In the next few days, we will release a video or two of PatchCAD in use. You will see just how quickly you can build a whole patchbay system completely from scratch using PatchCAD’s powerful editor. And as more features are finalised, individual videos will be released demonstrating each individual function with short and simple tutorials.

As PatchCAD is nearing launch, we’d like to ask you for one little favour – please share the love! Click on the links below to spread the word about PatchCAD online. Tell your friends, your colleagues, your Facebook-Page-mates and social followers!

And once again – thank you!