Thank you as always to everyone who purchased PatchCAD and supported our little software! Your feedback has been fantastic and most appreciated. It’s only been about six weeks since PatchCAD was launched but the response has been most incredible!

If you’ve been using PatchCAD regularly, you might have noticed that we have been releasing an update about once a week since launch. A few new buttons have appeared on the toolbar to reflect these so I wanted to take a moment and mention a few major features that have been added in the past few weeks, in addition to many little improvements and bug fixes that we’ve been staying on top of. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve added the following major features in the past few releases:

  • Support for border colours. Selecting a colour from the drop down list will affect all newly created borders. Pressing the colour button will change the colour of all existing borders in the current selection to the chosen colour.
  • Enhancements to text formatting – support for capitalisation and changing of the case of selected range.
  • Support for zero-border printing – simply turn off the main cutting guides when printing, and if your printer supports this feature, PatchCAD will print the labels right from the edge of the page.
  • Printing multiple patchbays on one page! Yes, going a bit more green, when printing all patchbays in a system, PatchCAD will stack all possible patchbays on one page one after another instead of just printing one on each page. You can even fit more patchbays on one page by turing off the titles in the Print window!

PatchCAD - Print

We hope you enjoy these new features and find PatchCAD more efficient and fun to use. This is by no means the end though. We have many more features and functions to add and have a detailed roadmap to do so via incremental updates.

Don’t forget to occasionally click on the Check for Updates button in the Templates window as we are regularly adding new patchbay templates to the database which now includes over 190 patchbays!!! Click here for a full list.

Thanks again and best wishes!